Open Washington Schools

No work no pay

Levy requests from six of seven school districts in Whatcom County were passing, according to preliminary election results released on Tuesday night, Feb. 11 2020.

The Ferndale operational levy no vote was 57%.

Bellingham, Blaine, Ferndale, Lynden, Meridian, Mount Baker and Nooksack school districts asked voters to approve four-year levies officials say are critical to their efforts to educate children and pay for technology.

If there is no school, we should not have to pay for levies.

So if they refuse to honor their contract to teach 180 days out of 360 provide 1000 hours of instruction for primary schools 1 through 6 and 1080 hours for secondary 7 through 12 which breaks down to about 6 hour per 180 days, Do we still have to pay them.

Teachers want to get paid then honor your contracts.

If you want to sit on your asses at home then we do not have to pay you.

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