Calvary Repeated

Christianity (Jesus Christ) has been taken by Democratic Progressive Liberals and is standing in front of Pilate (America) facing a crowd (anti-Christian sentiment, AOC, Democrats, BLM). However, this time there is no choice for an alternative sacrifice (Barabbas) He stands alone.

Pilate (America) calls out to the crowd (anti-Christian sentiment, AOC, Democrats, BLM). “What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ? They all say unto him (America), Let HIM be crucified.” Pilate (America) asks “Why, what evil hath He done? But they (anti-Christian sentiment, AOC, Democrats, BLM). cried out the more, saying, Let Him be crucified.”  Pilate (America) “saw that he (America) could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he (America) took water, and washed his (America’s) hands before the multitude, saying, I (America) am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye (anti-Christian sentiment, AOC, Democrats, BLM) to it.”

 Then answered all the people (anti-Christian sentiment, AOC, Democrats, BLM), and said, His blood be on us, and on our children. And they spit ( upon Him, and took the reed, and smote Him on the head. (

 And after that they had mocked Him, ( they took the robe off from Him, and put His own raiment on Him, and led Him away to crucify Him. (

What will we (CHRISTIANS) do this time?

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