Lorenzo Anderson R.I.P.

Sean Hannity needs to take a reality pill. His recent interview with the father of Lorenzo Anderson on July 1, 2020 and subsequent Twitter post reek of sensationalism and misrepresentation. The only real valid point that I can verify is that the Governor, Inslee, the Mayor, Durkin and the Police Chief, Best are spineless twits. Watch the video of the events as they occurred, and you will see all the information the Seattle Police had. There was no crime scene, no body, and no witnesses willing to come forward. Mr. Lorenzo said that the hospital would not allow him to see his son for 10 days. Well he was at the wrong place then, this was a homicide and after he was pronounced dead, they would have transported him to the City or County morgue.

Mr. Anderson said that nobody contacted him and as of Hannity’s interview they had not called him to offer condolences or explanation. Mr. Hannity how often do you think the Governor, Mayor or Police Chief contact the relatives of a Seattle homicide victim? As for being contacted Lorenzo’s mother had been contacted, I am not just sure when. If Mr. Anderson was uninformed, he should complain to his wife.

This was and is a tragedy but in no way should it fall on the head of the Seattle Police Dept. Had they been allowed access the EMT’s could have reached Lorenzo and maybe just maybe saved his life. This tragedy falls on the heads of the BLM and the protestors that were more concerned about denying Police access than saving a Black Life.

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