Death of Christianity

On June 13th, a man, self-identified as a Christian preacher, entered the Autonomous Zone of the Seattle CHAZ black lives matter movement. The sign read something like this, it was hard to see in the video, “JESUS SAVES, THE KING THE SAVIOR? What happened next will give you some idea why I am pursuing this blog. Infowars “The incident apparently started when Antifa began harassing and threatening the preacher within the zone. Separate video then shows Antifa surrounding the preacher, with several thugs “bear-hugging” and sexually assaulting him. “What does it feel like to be hugged by a homosexual?” one of the Antifa asks before forcing kisses upon him. “Glory to the king!” the man cries as he resists. Soon after he breaks free, another video captures Antifa tackling the preacher and putting him in a headlock as he screams, “You’re choking me!”

It is not just the incident; it is the obvious unquestionable proof this is not just against racism or for equality it is about the end of the American Christian Culture. The ideology of a cultural war is simple, it is a political conflict caused by opposing sets of social beliefs and cultural values. The only set of social beliefs and cultural values blatantly absent are core Christian principles American’s held since the founding fathers hammered our U.S. Constitution.

God forgive you if you are too sectarian or secular to see this.

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