Tolerance, Prejudice and Racism

Scholars and Psychologists agree that neither of these human traits are inherited they are learned.

I would like to assume that the 65% of the American population, mentioned in a previous post, that are “Christians” do not perpetuate these traits. If I am wrong, then maybe we need to reevaluate the foundations of our faith. That being said, if not us as parents, then where is the learning coming from?

My grandchildren are fortunate, and their parents can afford to send them to Christians schools. The only prejudice, if you can call it that, is they know what “sin” is and what the results of a sinful life are. The two oldest will attend Public School this coming year and all will hopefully go on to College. The only possible opportunity for them to acquire any of these traits is through that education, its courses, teachers, and attitudes. If Christian culture, traditions, values, and morals are ever to return then we need to think of ways the Christian Society, as a whole not a denomination, can affect our educational process.

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