PublicVoice USA

The title says it all. Where are the voices of the declining Christian population, that according to Pew Research has dropped from a decade ago of 73% to 65% in 2019? Where are the voices of the Christian congregations, pastors and ministers who prefer feeling good rather that hearing the results of a life of sin and consequent damnation? Even more troubling is the lack of any valid definition of 21st century values, moral, ethics and virtues. Has sin and evil been replaced by tolerant acceptance and political correctness?

In America, the contributions of the Christian Religion to traditions, culture, education, family values and laws are unquestionable. Worldwide, Christianity has survived the destructive efforts of revolution and intolerance. The Frist Amendments rights are inclusive to ALL United State citizen. Christians, therefore, must be allowed to speak their minds without the expectation of reprisal and/or censorship.

PublicVoiceUSA will be a moderated and access controlled platform wherein the Christian voice will be heard.

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